TENNIS TOURNEY: Stop & Shop Fall River Open accepting registrations - Fall River Herald News

FALL RIVER -The Stop & Shop Fall River Open Tennis Championships is now accepting entries for the annual event, which will take place Aug. 19-23 at the BMC Durfee High School Tennis Courts on Elsbree Street.The divisions include Men's A & B singles; Women's Open singles; Men's A & B doubles; Women's Open Doubles and Mixed Open Doubles. There must be at least four singles/doubles teams in a draw for the division to be held. Players may only play in a maximum of two events. The entry fees are $25 singles, $30 per doubles team and $10 perevent for high school age players and younger. Entrée fees must be paid in full prior to the start of the participant's first match.Paid members of the Fall River CTA's Tuesday Night Doubles League may enter the doubles events free of charge.There will also be a Fall River Junior Open, for players 14 & Under, sponsored by Fall River Mayor Sam Sutter, on Sunday morning, Aug. 23. Players may be required to prove Date of Birth. There is no charge for entering, but all participants must be pre-registered by the deadline.The deadline to enter all events is Tuesday, Aug. 18 at 5 p.m. All registrations are being done on-line by sending your name, event or events entered, telephone number and email address to The tournament director is Doug Chapman, women's head tennis coach at UMass Dartmouth and boys' head tennis coach at Somerset Berkley.The tournament is organized through the Fall River Community Tennis Association, and benefits the organization's Fall River Tennis & Education Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit which provides tennis programs for the city's schools and scholarships based on need to its programs. Additional information is available at


Electronic Arts Gamescom Press Conference Live Stream -

Electronic Arts Gamescom Press Conference <a href= Stay Stream." width="640" height="360"/>

The set of games which EA features announced they've brought to the convention include FIFA 16, Alien Battlefront, Plants vs. A Person could examine it out in the player below. Your event is defined to begin on August 5 at 10:00 AM nearby time, which can be 1:00am PT/4:00am ET.

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. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, Mirror's Edge Catalyst, and Want regarding Speed; however the other video games have been brought as possible surprises remains to be seen.

Following Microsoft's Xbox Briefing yesterday, Electronic Arts is set to start with their own press conference are living stream straight from Gamescom 2015 in Cologne, Germany


Southern Arizona Authors - Arizona Daily Star

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More green options - Dallas Morning News

"But even switching for you to a far more efficient gasoline vehicle could cause significant emissions reductions minimizing petroleum use."

Don't compose off your internal combustion engine as any possible effective option, particularly until automakers will make alternative drivetrains more affordable and a lot more practical. but modern diesel engines are usually cleaner, less noisy plus more efficient compared to always be able to what they get at any time been.

Battery electric

Jerry Hirsch,

For your correct environmentalist, not like an electric vehicle charged by renewable power sources. The Actual Honda Civic, with regard to example, achieves 33 miles per gallon within combined area along with highway generating as well as reaches 39 mpg upon open up roads. "You are generally generating on concerning $1 any gallon equivalent along with displacing the lot of emissions. Pertaining To instance, to reduce weight and also boost gasoline efficiency, automakers possess removed sound-deadening materials, allowing road and wind noise in in order to the cabin, specifically from highway speeds.

Hydrogen-powered cars are finally going into the U.S. The Particular Honda Accord hybrid is really a full-size, loved ones sedan in which gets 47 mpg inside mixed driving a car and also should go a lot a lot more than 550 miles between gas station stops.

Myth: Electric cars have too short any range with regard to my daily generating needs.

AT a GLANCE 5 myths concerning alternative fuel cars

With the exception of the Toyota Prius, hybrids possess never achieved the popularity several environmental groups as well as auto industry analysts expected. Merely $6.83 in energy and gasoline will get you one hundred miles. Your CNG Civic travels lower than half your length on a single fueling than the gasoline model as well as just a third of the hybrid.

"If you may be a new one-car family members along with you've a new every day commute regarding beneath 40 miles then one thing just just like a Chevy Volt is perfect," Baumhefner said. That performs this although producing only about 75 % of the fractional co2 of your gasoline car which averages 25 mpg. future increases within hydrogen generation coming from renewable energy resources are expected to produce the actual technologies cleaner.

Some are usually exceptionally well done. However these people typically obtain only regarding 80 miles of driving a car range about a full charge. Upon the plus side, they will may be fueled up as rapidly as gasoline vehicles and also possess a array of with regards to 300 miles among refills.

But don't assume all plug-in hybrids are equal. auto market after many a long time of anticipation. Nevertheless your CNG tanks use up too much space, limiting your size the actual cabin and also trunk, as well as their generating range will be limited. That They will take hours in order to charge. BMW offers the sporty 320d sedan, which gets even better combined traveling gas economy, according to the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

Here's a new breakdown regarding all the available drivetrain options.

Once believed of as getting a promising transitional technologies on the street to always be able to hydrogen and electric cars, compressed gas cars have got driven into a dead end. the Prius plug-in comes with an all-electric selection of just 11 miles. Numerous drive practically exclusively in electricity, utilizing the particular gasoline mode only for long-distance trips. Homeowners along with rooftop solar panels can literally drive about sunshine. These figures are required to enhance for that subsequent generation involving Volt, which arrives out this year with an all-electric range of 50 miles.

"A lot of individuals don't understand the electric motor features a lot a lot more torque from the stop, this means the particular cars can be enjoyable to always be able to drive," Reichmuth said.

Because gas is used to make nearly all hydrogen, gas cell cars are also not really as clean as battery electrics. However if you drove 10,000 miles any year, it could consider virtually ten years of gas financial savings to spend for your hybrid's higher price.

The Volt posseses an all-electric selection of 38 miles. Based about driving a car 14,000 miles annually from present California gasoline prices, that may consider a lot a lot more than 6 years to produce back. Your sporty Mazda3 can even better. They're the actual Swiss Army knife regarding green cars.

Myth: Any hybrid usually helps anyone save money.

Like electric cars, gas cells are costly nevertheless arrive using generous government subsidies for you to buyers. Conventional gasoline cars, meanwhile, are making excellent strides within likely farther in much less fuel.

Although well-liked inside Europe, diesel hasn't caught on in the U.S. Along With the typical price of regular gasoline now well under $3 a new gallon nationally, the particular payback time period on fuel savings may be long.


Although merely a handful regarding automakers sell diesel passenger cars in the U.S., the particular options are generally good. both cars get lengthy ranges -- a lot more than 400 miles in between refills.

Hybrids price greater than normal cars. The variety involving aspects hold back sales. Even if you figure all those miles are simply for commuting, along with just weekends off, the typical can be even now simply 54 miles, well inside an EV's range.

These vehicles additionally are cheaper to buy than others along with alternative gas powertrains, although they produce about a third more pollution for each mile than a comparably sized hybrid.

Battery electric cars -- these which run only about electricity -- would end up being the cleanest and least expensive to operate. It's also certainly 1 of the smallest amount of expensive vehicles to operate. (Tesla's Model S is the exception, touring more than 250 miles on the charge, however it typically sells for approximately $100,000.)

Fact: a battery electric car, powered by the California grid, creates regarding 40 percent with the carbon emissions of your gasoline vehicle that will will get 25 miles per gallon, based on the UC Irvine transportation study. Volkswagen, regarding example, provides a comfortable Jetta sedan along along with a utilitarian golf station wagon. Toyota plans to launch the fuel cell car called the Mirai this year, and also Honda will offer you its gas cell auto next year.

Fact: Which really is dependent upon the range of miles an individual drive annually. A Person discover it stateside in German passenger cars, domestic pickups plus commercial trucking. Just About All nevertheless the Tesla have ranges beneath 100 miles. In Which includes carbon emissions in the manufacture with the vehicles.

LOS ANGELES -- The decade ago, drivers which wished to go green had little selection beyond Toyota's Prius hybrid.

"There is truly a way to zero emissions together with gasoline cell vehicles, but in reality they're about a decade powering plug-in vehicles in their development along with deployment," stated Max Baumhefner, an attorney as well as automotive expert using the natural Sources defense Council.

Myth: Generating electricity in order to energy cars leads to just the maximum quantity of pollution as gasoline.

Myth: Hybrids need to get expensive batteries that will should be replaced periodically.

But there are drawbacks. the all-electric mode on the Accord plug-in is just 13 miles.

There tend to be dozens of gasoline vehicles about the industry that get 30 mpg or perhaps better within everyday driving. Working-age adults inside the U.S. Hyundai is actually leasing its Tucson fuel cell vehicle to always be able to customers whom reside close to end up being able to the handful associated with hydrogen stations inside California. That's why Volt carbon emissions approach the actual amounts regarding fuel cell vehicles and battery-only electric cars. Honda can be discontinuing its natural gas Civic after the current model year, with no additional automaker can be stepping within having a passenger automobile in which runs merely in CNG.

Other drivetrains provide compelling combinations of efficiency as well as low emissions inside a more practical, inexpensive package.

"CNG might be an inactive technology with regard to consumers, but nonetheless useful for fleet operations," Baumhefner said.

Natural gas cars tend to be only a small much more polluting when in comparison to be able to a comparable hybrid, and they tend to be less harmful for fuel. Which signifies that fuel cell cars tend to be dirtier than battery electric cars but cleaner when compared with gasoline, diesel as well as compressed gas vehicles. That They find 36 and also 35 mpg, respectively, within combined area as well as highway generating as well as simply reach 40 mpg-plus upon open roads. more surprising, the actual efficiency doesn't necessarily exact a new penalty within performance.

Plug-in hybrid. That They are generally typically more expensive than your usual similar gasoline vehicle.

Today the selection of efficient, lower-pollution cars features a bewildering selection of technologies and models -- hybrids, plug-in hybrids, battery electrics, diesels and also hydrogen gas cells. Because a new group, Volt owners drive with regards to 0.6 regarding their own miles in electricity alone. Electric automobile customers additionally find generous state as well as federal subsidies.

Still, hybrids are usually a fantastic option for people who drive many miles -- especially in stop-and-go traffic, when the cars recapture energy in the course of braking in order to energy electric motors that assist propel the car and conserve gas.

They furthermore provide an excellent driving a car experience along with ranges associated with greater than 500 miles, which makes them ideal for all those along with lengthy highway commutes. While it comes for you to carbon emissions "diesel pencils out regarding the same as the possible effective gasoline auto but not fairly as efficient as the hybrids," Reichmuth said.

Compressed all-natural gas

Los Angeles Times


Plug-in hybrids run on electricity until their batteries are generally drained after which change to gasoline. Factoring tax as well as registration fees, a Honda Accord EX-L hybrid will cost concerning $3,800 greater than the identical trim degree normal Accord, according to Fact: Consumer Reports and other people have tested older Toyota Prius hybrids, some along with well more than 200,000 miles about the odometer, and discovered almost no degradation inside the batteries.

"Electric vehicles are the greenest choice," said Dave Reichmuth, senior engineer in the Union of concerned Scientists. And Also you will still possess the extra range in order to visit Grandma's about the weekend."

Hydrogen gas cell

Myth: Hydrogen refining leads to an excessive quantity of pollution to make fuel cell cars worthwhile.

Fact: The Majority Of electric cars get 75 for you to 85 miles per charge. drive an typical 14,120 miles annually, or perhaps lower than 37 miles the day. The Actual bigger obstacle pertaining to customers is likely to be fueling infrastructure.

But which in turn technology is kindest towards the planet? And Also that 1 fits your family's budget as well as your commute?

But even electric cars powered through the grid produce less carbon emissions as compared to additional vehicles. Automakers possess greatly improved fuel mileage throughout current many years and offer a new wider array of economical gasoline models.


Fact: California demands that will 33 % of the hydrogen used for fuel cell vehicles throughout state end up being generated through the utilization involving renewable energy


Local medic selected for volunteer medical team at last week's CrossFit Games - Johnson City Press (subscription)

"We got out there Monday (July 19) and also got again this past Monday," Hicks said."Initially, I only agreed for you to be working 4 days, nevertheless as quickly as I got out there plus they talked to me more, I ended up being produced healthcare team 3 leader and had three folks beneath me."

And like any athletic event, the particular CrossFit Video Games had medical personnel standing through to maintain those athletes standing as well as competing.

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As a new CrossFit participant himself, Hicks mentioned he has been excited to be among the competitors. Prior to the games, Goebel ranked 11th in the world inside his age group as well as finished first in the first event in the competition.

Of the particular 400 volunteers that worked the actual games, there was just 26 slots accessible on the medical team, Hicks said. We took care of athletes which became dehydrated or injured."

"We obtain a great deal of negative flack more than Rahbdo, however it can occur in any kind of strength training," he said. It could result in kidney failure when proteins in the muscle are generally introduced in in order to the bloodstream along with cannot be purged from the body.

If you haven't heard of Crossfit, you merely might be an ostrich together together with your head inside the sand. He applied several weeks ago, not really truly pondering he'd obtain the call. And Also final week ended up being the Olympics associated with CrossFit where leading CrossFit athletes through about the entire world competed against one another in the week associated with grueling workout routines.

Local paramedic Josh Hicks, who functions in the Washington County/Johnson city Emergency Healthcare Services, has been one of those medics and the man had the duration of his life. Hicks is a CrossFit junkie himself, but alternatively regarding rivalling he volunteered a week of his time to provide medical focus where needed. "It would become a attempting period for the athletes."

The some other neighborhood person at the video games ended up being Jeff Goebel, any CrossFit athlete that made it towards the competition. If a person watched the particular games, you could possess seen him on camera as he had to dodge ESPN camera crews to maintain via being run over, he said.

"It didn't take very long for most those to be able to become very hot therefore we stood a large quantity of burned hands," he said. Rahbdomyolysis can be a syndrome caused by extreme muscle mass damage via overuse as well as overexertion. "As the coach, it's our responsibility to help keep them coming from performing that."

Whenever almost all was mentioned as well as done, Goebel finished fourth in the world inside his get older group.

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Neighborhood News

July 30th, 2015 11:30 am by simply Becky Campbell

"We had been tasked with athlete care throughout the events therefore we had been stationed out about the field. However he received an email regarding three months in the past which informed him he had proceeded through the choice method and in which he necessary to fill out any personal profile on an online shift calendar.. It's the workout craze that's taken ahold associated with the entire world with its WODs, AMRAPs, burpees and also kipping pull-ups. CrossFit isn't without its critics simply because contributors could potentially get injured if they do not train properly, specifically any syndrome known as Rahbdomyolysis.

Within 10 minutes regarding finishing in which task, Hicks stated he received an additional email with his operating schedule for that week of the games.

Johnson Area had been well represented last week within Carson, Calif., through 2 men involved in the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games.

One steady injury Hicks found had been burns towards the athletes hands in the metal bar that they used for pull-ups.

Hicks mentioned he didn't really think he'd have close up access towards the athletes, yet located himself proper within the center of issues about the competition field.

"When you obtain a person pushing by themselves and pushing themselves, they can overexert," Hicks said


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